Resources to Help Encourage Children to Get Outside

It doesn’t matter if your children are 10 months old or halfway through their teen years. All kids need time outdoors. Not only does being in the sunshine help their bodies produce vitamin D, but digging in the dirt also has benefits. Most importantly, time with nature is the only way to prevent the moodiness, irritability, and health problems that go along with nature deficit disorder.


Fun at Home


You don’t have to travel far to reap the rewards of outdoor time.


9 Great Outdoor Learning Activities for Springtime

How to Build a Wooden Swing Set.. the EASY way!

Home Science: Backyard Conservation


How Does Your Garden Grow?


Gardening teaches children how to respect nature while encouraging them to try new foods.


Direct Sowing: Starting Seeds Outdoors

Top 10 Foolproof Plants for Kids

How to Grow Blueberry Plants

Raised Beds 101


Get Physical


Sometimes you have to work up a sweat, and here are some great ways to encourage your kids — and yourself — to just keep moving.


Simple Basketball Rules for Kids

How to Teach Kids to Play Hopscotch

Hide-and-Seek (for Babies and Toddlers)


If you don’t spend enough time outside, this is your year to change it. And your kids deserve all the health benefits that outdoor activities can bring. So, purchase a swimming pool, plant some blueberries, or play ball. It doesn’t matter what you do, just that you do it.

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