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Community gardens are about much more then growing food, they are about growing community. The Lemon Grove Garden Group strives to ensure all residents in our community have access to healthy foods. Learn more about the group, meetings, events, memberships, and upcoming construction dates and join the effort today!


Garden design plans are a GO! The garden members were green lighted again this week by Lemon Grove City Council Member and City Planner, Mike James, who made the final edits for the garden plans! Construction on the City’s first community garden are underway.

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We need your help! A community garden is about bringing everyone in our community together. We need volunteers for planning, building, and planting. Board member positions are also available to those insterested in bringing more healthy options and health education to our city.


Since the city approval of our proposal in February, things have really taken off! Subscribing to our newsletter will keep you up-to-date with all our meetings, events and garden progress!  

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“We are really coming together
as a community.”

"Being a part of Lemon Grove Community Garden Group has become so much more than I expected. I am gaining the support, experience, and education to grow my own food and do it with my friends and neighbors."

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